About Loxodon

The purpose of Loxodon Engineering Ltd., established in 2001, is to develop and manufacture a container transhipment equipment expedient as a hardware for innovative, competitive intermodal services geared to market demands.

Experts involved in this effort try to answer the question: How come road transport has kept increasing, while the "greener" railway and intermodal transport solutions have mostly been stagnating at best? We think we have found an appropriate answer, a powerful tool to transform the present modal split in favour of a carbon-free and energy-efficient transport industry.

In brief: We are talking about an innovative Horizontal Container Transhipment (HCT) technology. Transshipment activities can be carried out underneath the loaded catenary. Intermodal trains simply stop for a few minutes at a transshipment point, no need for time-consuming shunting. Trains operate on a regular schedule and serve a tight network of smaller intermodal transshipment points. The two main elements of an innovative intermodal business model are HCT and regular timetable. This will introduce to the market a competitive solution comparable to road transport in terms of transport times, costs and reliability, next to all the advantages of rail transport - even at shorter distances like 200-300 km.

Is climate and environmental protection part of your business philosophy? Are you serious about a carbon-free economy including sustainable transport solutions? Would you like to further decrease transport costs and optimise your logistics? You are our prospective partner. Take a look around, we are likely to agree the solutions presented here will suit your business development.

At Loxodon we'd be delighted to hear from you, just drop us a line by e-mail.