Loxodon Machine Factory Ltd was established in 2001, for developing and manufacturing new container transhipment machine.

Our specialists have looked for the answer of the question: why have been increasing transport on the road, and have been decreasing on the railway? We think we have found the right answer, which is found in the References menu. Shortly necessary a new Horizontal Container Transhipment machine (HCT), which is able to tranship containers under electric wire, and necessary organise a new transport chain. New intermodal transport system uses set of the container train, which running by timetable, and network of the small multimodal transhipment points. These two units (HCT + container train on timetable) can guarantee the new transport system is competitive against road transport in time and in cost as well, if distance more than approx. 200 km.

If the environmental protection is important for you, and you seriously think of sustainable surface transport, or if you want to decrease the transport cost, you are our partner. You can look for answers on the References page. Or send us e-mail, please. Our contacts are on the home page.